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Almamdtour is a medical tourism facilitator based in Iran that provides high quality and affordable health services. In line with its mission to provide medical and beauty treatments to foreigners, Almamdtour cooperates with the most prestigious hospitals, clinics, specialists and physicians in Iran.
The medical and cosmetic treatments offered by Almamdtour include a wide range of plastic surgeries, including rhinoplasty, as well as hair transplants, dental surgeries, eye surgeries, fertility treatments, heart surgeries, orthopedic surgeries (joint replacements). Knee, ankle replacement, etc.) and treatment of various types of cancers and …
In addition to health services, Almamdtour offers other services such as hotel and guest house reservation services, hairdressers, taxis, souvenirs, massage therapy and tours and tourism.
These trips are arranged by Almamdtour by arranging a schedule agreed upon by both parties, according to which the whole process of the trip and treatment is done. Transparency in services and costs assures patients that there will be no hidden costs or additional costs outside the agreement. Therefore, patients only think about the outcome of their treatments without worrying about the hassle of traveling.
Iran is one of the most successful countries in providing beauty and medical treatments. It is known as the ‘Capital of Rhinoplasty in the World’ due to the ‘large number of rhinoplasties performed in this country’. Modern hospitals and clinics with advanced technologies, along with experienced doctors and surgeons, have put Iran in the spotlight of the medical world.
The treatments offered by Almamdtour are all performed in hospitals that have the highest medical standards. We are proud to inform you that we provide free specialized consultation with a large number of patients 24 hours a day. We offer you the best health tourism services – with effective treatments, VIP services, transparency and patient privacy. Our goal is to provide you with a memorable experience that goes beyond what you expect